The following FAQ should answer any questions you might have about The Winged Pen.

Q: How did your group form?

In August of 2014, a group of writers connected at WriteOnCon, an online writing conference designed to connect writers with each other and with industry professionals. Afterward, we stayed in touch to offer emotional support, provide critiques, and share writing resources.

Q: Who are your members?

Check out our Bios page to see a listing of our members, along with links to their websites and bios. While our emphasis has primarily been on children’s literature, we have members who write across several categories and genres.

Since meeting at WriteOnCon, our members have signed with (and split from) agents, published and/or self-published a variety of titles, won contests and awards, and, most important, remained committed to living a creative life.

Q: Do you accept ARCs in exchange for reviews?

We do not accept unsolicited review copies from authors in exchange for reviews.

Q: Can I join your group?

We are not currently accepting new members.

Q: Do you offer critique services?

Other than the occasional giveaway, not at this time.


Q: Is there a schedule for how often you plan to post and/or letting us know what the topics will be?

Our goal is to post every Monday and Wednesday. Topics could include:

  • All About Books
  • The Craft of Writing
  • The Publishing Journey
  • The Writer’s Life
  • Library Love
  • Education

Q: How do I leave a comment?

Right underneath the title, you should see the words “Leave A Comment” or “### Comments”. Click on those words and then scroll down to find the “Leave a Comment” box. You’ll need to provide your name and email. A website is optional. You do not need a WordPress or Facebook account.