Winged Pen Celebration!!!

The Winged Pen hit a couple of

exciting milestones recently.

Drum roll please!



We now have overtwitter-bird-1366218_640

and overballoons-343246_640

100 blog subscribers!


Thank you followers!!!

Thank you subscribers!!!

Thank you to everyone who has shared our

posts and recommended us to their peers!!!

To celebrate we thought we’d do something a little fun—a contest to say thank you to the KidLit writing community who has supported us.

In the comments, we invite you to describe your current WIP in 5 emojis.



We’ll randomly pick a winner out of the TriWizard Cup to receive a critique on the first

2000 words

of their current picture book, middle-grade story, or young adult WIP by EIGHT members of The Winged Pen.


Feedback from EIGHT different Winged Pen members on TWO THOUSAND WORDS of your masterpiece! Unlike our monthly 8 on Eight contest, the critique will be via email instead of on the blog.IMG_2750


To get you started (and because we all wanted to join in the fun), The Winged Pen Members have described their current WIP in 5 emojis.


Julie: 🇭🇹👧🏾💕🐘🌳

Gabrielle: 👭🐲❄️👑

Halli: ☹️🤔📝🔫😍


Karin: 🇸🇪🇺🇸🇪🇹🐉🌈

Michelle: 💡👨‍👩‍👧🐶🐱👑

Katharine: 👭⚽️🇨🇿😠💗

Richelle: 🎸🔮👨‍👩‍👧🎼🏆

Jennifer: 🐎🍀✈️⌛️

Amy: 📝🆘🍗🚀

Gita: 🇫🇷✨💃🏻💕⚔

Jessica: 🔪🤕👗🐕👑

Kristi: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🍩📒💰💣

Now it’s your turn. Please describe your WIP using 5 emojis in the comments (if you can’t get the hang of finding emojis you may use 5 single words). One entry per person. The entry window closes at 11:59PM on August 30th. We’ll notify the winner via email and/or Twitter (you can still enter if you don’t have a Twitter account) on August 31st. Make sure that your SPAM filter will allow email from And feel free to participate even if you don’t want to enter the contest. Just put the note “Not entering contest” in your comment. Please note that there may be a lag between the time you make a comment and when it appears. Don’t fret!

❤️Thank YOU!!!❤️


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  1. Patricia Wentzel
    couldn’t get the hang of the emoji’s so here’s five words

    slingshot evil quest teamwork love

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