The 8 on Eight Contest Window is Open!

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Fellow writers! The 8 on Eight contest window is OPEN!


Q: I must have missed the announcement. What is 8 on Eight? 

A monthly contest that provides one lucky kidlit writer with feedback on their opening eight lines! As part of our ongoing mission to support writers, we’ll give a PB, MG, or YA writer feedback on their work from at least 8 of The Winged Pen’s contributors.

Q: Sounds exciting! How do I enter?

To enter, simply comment at the bottom of this post! At 8pm (EST) on the first day of July, one winner will be randomly drawn from the Triwizard Cup. The winner will be notified and given 24 hours to submit his or her opening eight lines. On the eighth of the month, the winner’s eight lines, along with the title and genre of the work, will be posted to our blog with feedback from at least 8 of our members. Still have questions? See our 8 on Eight page for additional details.

Remember, the contest window is only open until 8pm EST on July 1st, so don’t wait––enter now!

Best of luck! (And please help spread the word!)


70 thoughts on “The 8 on Eight Contest Window is Open!

  1. This is my comment. Thank you! I’ve been eagerly waiting for weeks; I feel like small child on the eve of a birthday!

  2. It’s like another pitch party, but this time only one of us will be crowned Homecoming King or Queen – Good Luck all!

  3. My words are lined up and ready to go! Thanks for the opportunity to gather more critique.

  4. I tried a silly comment before, and I don’t see my comment, so I’m trying again. Thanks for the chance 🙂 Hope I didn’t screw things up.

  5. The comment window is now closed. Thanks so much for entering! We’ll be emailing the winner soon.

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