MYC Review: Getting Ready to Draft

Today’s Master Your Craft post is a recap. Each Wednesday we’ve discussed one facet of writing a story. Last week, we finished the section on prewriting. If you started the series late or have gotten busy and missed some posts, here’s your chance to catch up! Below is a list of the posts with links to each.


Introducing Master Your Craft

The Big Idea

Creativity to the Rescue: Finding BIG Ideas

Build Your Main Character

Developing Supporting Characters

A Reformed Pantser’s Guide to Character Development

Friends Don’t Let Friends Write Bad Books

Finding Your Voice

Research – Make Your Story Believable

Writing Historical Fiction, or, Notes from a Time Traveler

Setting as Character

Welcome to World Building

Two Approaches to Fantasy World Building

Two Approaches to World Building for Science Fiction

Thanks for following Master Your Craft! Tune in next Wednesday as we move onto to Facing the Blank Page.

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REBECCA J. ALLEN writes young adult science fiction with heroines much braver than she is and middle grade stories that blend mystery and adventure. She’s on Twitter and her website is here.







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